“I have much more vision, I can see TV clearly and figures. I am much more confident when driving and that I will now keep my driving licence” and my quality of life has much improved in only 3 weeks. ”I no longer need reading glasses and I can see to do my crossword easily”. -Samuel


“My mother uses it and she can now go to the shops on her own. We are both very happy and amazed at the results”. Knew that her eyes were getting better but the smile on the face of her optician confirmed it even before the report clearly showed a big improvement and I am determined to keep going to be able to read”. -Hidayah


Everything is brighter and clearer. I can now see colours, especially the TV which was only on black and white before. I am looking forward to be able to read again”.

“I have only been taking it for 6 weeks but already my reading is so much better”. Has much more colour and eyes seem better. -Osman


“My mother is doing very well, the black spot in the centre of the eye finally disappeared this morning and she can see colour”.

“she can now read 2 extra lines for the consultant. she can also read the newspaper without using my magnifying glass, her eyes seem much better after only 2 months, although some days are better than others.” -Rakesh


“Big eye improvement and the end of my chronic dry eyes, My eyes are no longer itchy and I have stopped needing to rub them. My eyesight is so much better and I have much more energy”. -Fatimah



Royal Jelly

I have been taking Halal Foods Royal Jelly for the past 6 months, recommended by my brother who is also taking for longer time, it is basically for my knee pain, I usually take 2 tablets in the morning, at first there was not much difference but after 2 weeks, I could feel that I am more energetic when I wake up and the knee pain has gone down more. I feel lighter also. I would recommend to anyone. -Lawrence


I heard over the radio and called for enquiry, at first I was not really convinced but after taking the first bottle, I could see the difference. I felt fresh in the morning and also more energetic. I just take 2 tablets every day before breakfast and that’s it. -Fatimah


Hi my name is Paula and I have to let everyone know how wonderful this Halal Foods Royal Jelly is! I have been taking these tablets only 2 1/2 weeks. I have been suffering with recurring shingles for years. Long enough for the blisters to move from my back to my face. I had a breakout when I started taking the Royal Jelly which was a gift that I was not expecting! But after about 10 days of using, the blisters on my face disappeared! not even a scab left anywhere! Just gone! And I have not felt this good in a very long time. Truly a miracle and truly heaven sent. I will never stop taking it. And just love thanks so much. -Paula


I have been unsuccessful trying to get a natural menstrual cycle for a long time until I found Halal Foods Royal Jelly. However, I just took 2 tablets a day for 3 weeks and I got my very first natural menstrual cycle…It is absolutely a miracle!!! I am so excited and very happy to see this positive result… That for sure, I will continue to take Royal Jelly for a long time to improve my overall health…” -Aisyah


I purchased your pure freeze dried Royal Jelly. And I have been taking it for over two months now. I am over seventy years old and I have biting my finger nails for over sixty years and recently my nails have been cracking and the cuticles have been in bad shape. I also had pain in my left foot (metatarsal) top. The pain only subsided temporarily with pain killers, which I don’t like taking. So, I searched the internet and found your site after reading many articles about the advantages of taking royal jelly. Thank you very much. After taking it for one month I saw the miraculous change in my finger nails. The only thing I do now is file my nails. The cuticles healed up on their own. The pain I had in my foot is gone. I can only attribute this healing process to royal jelly. I want to thank you for your royal jelly I hope to be a customer for the rest of life. Oh! By the way, I don’t bite my nails anymore. -Sharon


Received my order of Halal Foods  Royal jelly….and I was quite surprized and happy. I had bought some royal jelly in a health food store…and it didn’t look much different than regular royal jelly. I wanted to write and let you and others know how happy I am, and how good it has helped me, and I am especially pleased with the natural ingredients of it. Next order I will order some honey recommened along with RJ. And it is really nice to be able to speak/connect with a real warm-hearted person on the phone. I am so glad I found you! Thank you again….and I will pass you on to others… -Arjun


After 8-9 years of eating my Royal Jelly , I find my mornings incomplete without it. Putting aside the fact my hair, nails and skin are glowing and healthy, Royal Jelly also gives a even keel energy with no side effects. For example like coffee might. I just take 2 tablets of royal jelly in the morning and I’m set. Thanks for such a wonderful product. -Premela


My left knee used to swell due to gout. Though the knee is not swollen all the time, I have problems sitting properly and sleeping in the night. Recently I was introduced to Royal jelly. After 2 weeks taking Royal Jelly, my knee is getting better and I can sit and sleep well. It’s a truly magnificent product. -Thomas


I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have been taking two tablets of Royal Jelly once a day (one in the morning and one at night) for a week now and I started feeling a difference after two days. I have felt a difference in my joints (they are not as stiff or swollen), and I move better. Thank You. -Sharul


I thought I would take the time to share what Royal Jelly has done for me. I’ve had problems with my menstrual cramps for years now. When I started taking Royal Jelly the first month I didn’t have any cramps. The second month I decided not to take the Jelly to see if it indeed was the reason why I didn’t get cramps. Well I hated that month!!! I couldn’t believe after all this time I found something that would help me with this terrible pain I had each month. Four months later I can still say it’s a wonderful natural product. It’s also raised my energy level a lot. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to keep their bodies in check the way they’re meant to be. -Li Yan


Thank you, your freeze Royal Jelly is a winner! Running with new spark plugs, cable wires, and a fresh high gloss wax job, broken in and comfortable behind the steering wheel, that’s what it feels like. Unreal! -Jonathan


Your royal jelly has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life. I was diagnosed with arthritis in ’90 and have tried many treatment options with little success. Just a few months ago I decided to give your Royal Jelly a try. What a wise decision! My life is so different – I can think clearly, I sleep well, I have more energy than I know what to do with, and very seldom have any pain from the arteritis ! Not only has it helped me but I’ve also had a lot of problems with PMS, especially with moodiness. Now that is no longer an issue in my life, and my husband sends his thanks for that! -Sharifah


Your Royal Jelly mixture is keeping me healthy. Before taking your royal jelly I had suffered 4 to 6 sinus infections a year. This year I have had only one! Thank you! -Kirpal