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Halal Foods Advance Omega 3 provides high levels of EPA and DHA which are two very essential fatty acids that must be consumed from your diet. Halal Foods Advance Omega 3 uses a unique molecular distillation process to yield high levels of Omega 3 and is virtually flavourless and odorless. Halal Foods Omega 3 is Ultra Pure and rigorously tested to comply with the lowest level of contaminants.Halal Foods Advance Omega 3 provides 67% more EPA and DHA and less saturated fat per capsule compared to standard 180:120 fish oils. This benefits the consumer as fewer capsules are needed to be taken daily to see maximum results. Studies show Omega 3 fatty acids aid cardiovascular health, circulation, brain health and joint mobility.

For Heart, Joint, Brain & General Health. What makes Halal Foods Advance Omega 3 different from other brands?- Higher EPA/DHA per capsule
- Has less saturated fats compared to standard fish oil
- Halal certified and manufactured in a Halal certified facility
- Lighter colour, Odorless and Flavourless due to its Ultra Purity rating

Directions for use: Take 1 capsule up to 3 times daily or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Made in New Zealand

60 capsules per bottle.